Dawid Wnuk

Dawid Wnuk

Digital photography and smartphones have changed everything.
Nowadays it’s easier than ever to stumble upon a photographer and harder than ever to find a meaningful photograph.

I’ve started my involvement with photography at the age of 20, using my first entry-level DSLR – a gift from my parents. That was the beginning of a thrilling and beautiful journey that, so far, spans more than a decade, and more than half a million photographs.

Over those years I’ve been a winner of several national and global photography awards. My work have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, online articles and publications. My prints and digital images have been purchased for private collections, art gallery display and commercial use by people and companies from every continent.

I’m a member of World Photography Organisation, an associate photographer of Getty Images, but first and foremost – a passionate creator of fine art photographs that go beyond the obvious.